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Growing Up Adopted

Estimated: 1 1/2 Hours

What Parents Need to Know

As your child grows and learns more about her story, she will have more questions, concerns and feelings about adoption.

Understanding those emotions and feelings is essential to helping your child build a healthy identity. But how do you learn how to best support her?

Ask someone who's been there! We've gathered a panel of adopted people - adopted domestically, internationally and from foster care - to reflect back on their own experiences and answer YOUR questions about:

1. Their feelings about adoption including loss, shame and differences

2. Their feelings on talking about adoption - to their parents and others

3. What their parents did right and what they wish they had done differently

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Session Leader:

Steve Kalb

Steve is an Adult Adoptee from the Midwest. He received his MSW in 2009 and is currently pursuing his Ph. D. in Social Work and Social Research focusing on Adoptee community empowerment models. He is the Director of Adoptee Services at Holt International. During his seven years at Holt, Steve has worked directly with hundreds of Adoptees through the Adoptee Camps and birth search counseling. He has presented at a number of adoption focused seminars/workshops and has participated in several adoptee panels throughout his time at Holt. He has seen the need for, and the benefit of, a strong Adoptee community; that experience guides his Adoptee advocacy work at Holt.

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Session Leader:

Amy Kenney

Amy Kenney was born and raised in South Dakota. She was adopted in a closed adoption at four months old. Amy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of professional experience in adoption. She has worked with all members of the adoption circle and has experience with domestic, international, and special needs adoption.

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Session Leader:

Nathan Ross

Nathan Ross came into foster care in 1999 after severe abuse and neglect led to the deaths of two of his brothers. Once in care, Nathan spent two years in a Belton foster home and was then adopted in Blue Springs. At 18 he began using his story to help effect positive changes within the child welfare system and has spent the last six years going across Missouri and other parts of the country advocating for a system that fights against child abuse and neglect. Nathan works full time as the Director of Youth Programs for Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association, where he creates programming that helps youth in their transition to adulthood. He also works as a youth consultant for the North American Council on Adoptable Children where he gets to use his experiences to help effect change on a national level.

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